The top 10 Holiday Attractions in Durban
The top 10 Holiday Attractions in Durban

The top 10 Holiday Attractions in Durban

Durban is South Africa's holiday makers dream and with all it has to offer, it is imperative one would need some sort of direction on the where to go to find the best holiday attractions. In Durban, there is so much to see and do, and so the avid tourist is almost limitless on how to spend their time in a city as great as Durban.

#1 Golden Mile
The Golden Mile stretches from Vetchies pier in the south to the iconic Suncoast Casino, and from end to end, there is endless expanse of beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and exciting entertainment for the whole family. The gorgeous Indian Ocean beckons so if the weather is great, bring the umbrella, the towels and an assortment of bats, balls and boards and spend the whole day in the dazzling Durban sun!

#2 uShaka Marine World
With Africa's largest marine theme park, and the 5th largest aquarium in the world, uShaka is truly must-see; from its daring rides and aquatic pools for the young and the old to its extensive collection of ocean life. It has both fresh and salt water, the recreation of a massive shipwreck and a collection of boutiques, all tied in with an indigenous African theme. There's hours of activities from water rides, dolphin displays and great food to the shopping experience in the Village Walk and the fascinating aquarium. And there is luxury accommodation within minutes like the Silversands Resort and the Durban Spa. 

#3 Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens are by far the best picnic spot in Durban. There are over 475 species of tree, including South Africa’s oldest Jacaranda and an Encephalartos Woodii - a cycad that is acknowledged to be the rarest plant in the world – transported from the Ngoye forest almost 100 years ago. The largest palm and cycad exhibits are found here too and the herbarium, the Braille trail and the tea garden are some of the many lures to these stunning grounds.

#4 Umgeni River Bird Park
Home to over 3000 indigenous and exotic birds, the Umgeni River Bird Park is only 10 minutes from Durban's beachfront. The park itself is about 4 hectares and is located at the foot of the very precipitous cliffs of the famous Umgeni River. There are many endangered species found here and the grounds are surrounded by tumbling waterfalls, palm trees and lush tropical plant life.

#5 The Moses Mabhida Stadium
The Moses Mabhida Stadium is named after a local working class hero and is sited next to the ABSA Stadium. It's a world class, multi-purpose stadium designed and built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is a momentous icon in the Durban skyline. It has a rather extraordinary arch known as the Arch of Triumph, and from the top the entire city and the coastline can be viewed from over a 100 meters up.

#6 Umhlanga Rocks Beachfront
Umhlanga Rocks is KwaZulu Natal's 'Beverly Hills', only better and by the sea. This upmarket area has become one of South Africa's top vacation destinations and is highly sophisticated with a refined charm found nowhere else in the country. As far as the beachfront goes, it's no different from the metropolis it lies in front of, as it is clean, safe and full of activities. And when the day is done and the energy is low, check into the Cabana Beach or Breakers Resort.

#7 Valley of a 1000 Hills
The Valley of 1000 Hills is an unharmed and very beautiful part of KwaZulu Natal. It's formed around the vale created by the Umgeni River and its tributaries and is one of the best kept secrets that a tourist in Durban has the pleasure of experiencing. Its serenity and splendour are unmatched and it attracts artists, photographers and traders to its exclusivity. There's a lot to see, eat and do as the hills are littered with friendly pubs, team gardens and exhilarating views over the dams below.

#8 Bat Centre
The BAT Centre is a culture community centre located in the small craft harbour. It commemorates all unique arts and cultures that are on offer and through this allows for local, faceless talent to thrive.

#9 Blue Lagoon
Durban locals often make their way to these eminent lagoons, for a big of evening romance. The salty sea air is all around and combined with the steady ebbing and flowing of the river mouth make this a place of serendipity and soulfulness.  The birdlife is also abundant too, so keep your eyes open for the African fish eagle or the goliath herons that lurk in and around these parts. Blue Lagoon is also a haven for the resident fisherman.

#10 City Hall - Natural Science Museum
Durban City Hall and the Natural Science Museum are a definite must for the whole family. It combines the magnificence of hundred-old architecture with the knowledge and intrigue of times and eras past. From dinosaurs to Dodos, the museum is well covered and provides a lovely outing for everyone interested in the mysteries of science and history.

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